Meeting 1 – Preface

  Pdf of presentation Discussion in the chat box: 18:28:24 From Alex M : flat ontology isn’t so different in structure from Quine’s desert ontology, which is the direct target of badiou’s anathematization of “what there is” (a reference to the famous paper of Quine, On What There Is) 18:29:55 From Ekin Erkan : Dear […]

Research Directive_073: Form and Scale – diffractive investigations on the Sublime

Form and Scale – diffractive investigations on the Sublime The Kantian Sublime has been an important source of interpretative inspiration in contemporary aesthetics. Usually associated with forms of shapelessness and indeterminacy, as a challenge to our faculties of representation, it has usually a negative use as an index of what escapes reason and form. But […]

Research Directive_031: Contribution to the critique of political organisation

This research project proposes to investigate the concept of organisation from different standpoints, but with the ultimate aim of developing new tools to approach the field of collective organisation in politics. The research could be divided into three main branches: Critique of the theoretical and practical role of organisation in the history of political thinking […]

Research Directive_061: Modeling value, price, time, and crisis

Modeling value, price, time, and crisis This project seeks to renew our understanding of capitalism in its anticipatory, topological structure in order to extend Marx’s critique of political economy. Namely, our research explores four terms – value, price, time, and crisis – which comprise the “faces” of capitalism’s structure and views these terms from the […]

Research Update_043 08/05/16 (2015)

Work Cycle Recordings: Lacan’s – The Triumph of Religion led us to research about the inhibition and a new application for the term “uncanny”. This points out to the possibility of 1. Review the structure of suffering and 2. how we can psychoanalytically organize a few case studies. LACAN, J. The triumph of religion. Polity, New […]